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Full-Stack Engineer To Help Us Scale Globally



Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Full-Stack Engineer To Help Us Scale Globally

why we are building Doubble?

🍀our vision is to build a close friend social network to help solve loneliness
at Doubble we build the future experiences we create with our close friends
the first step was to build our double dating app that allows you to meet new people with your friends
meeting new people is a big part of Doubble, but the less obvious, yet most important secret ingredient in Doubble is: the close friends.
in the era of social networks, this is the paradox of our time: it’s never been easier to connect, yet we feel lonelier than ever.
our generation spends 3 hours per day on social networks, but only 3 hours per week with close friends.
today’s social networks solved boredom, but not loneliness.
the social networks missed an important insight: you can feel just as lonely with no friends as with hundreds of friends. it’s when we’re together with our close friends we feel the most connected.
that’s why focusing on the experiences we create with our close friends has never been more important than right now.
if done right, the close friend social network category can solve loneliness, and Doubble will be a key piece in this close friend social network puzzle.

Where are we going?

🏎️Doubble is in the midst of a global scale race

Doubble started in Denmark and the numbers clearly show we built something our generation needs:
55% of gen z dating users in Denmark are on Doubble
we process more than 300 swipes per second
+200.000 users
What we did in Denmark, we did 5x faster in Sweden, then Norway, then the Netherlands, and most recently, the United Kingdom.
we’ve proved to the world that there is a way to meet new friends with your close friends, but the problem with proving it to the world is that we’re also proving it to competitors.
we are on our competitor’s radar. we are in the middle of a global scale race and the question is: will Doubble get global scale before a competitor copies us?

What joining Doubble means for you?

🤝greatness doesn’t come easily

there is no need to sugercoat that joining Doubble and winning the global scale race will be intense.
Doubble will be your opportunity to prove that you are an elite operator
you can get really far by either working hard or working smart, but to win the global scale race you have to do both. we put everything we have on the field, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see your team mates working 9 to 21.
winning this race is an accomplishment only an elite operator can achieve.
Doubble will be your opportunity to make history
taking Doubble to a billion dollar company will require significant portions of your time, but if we succeed, you’ll be able to look back and say:
“i was a part of building the largest consumer company in Denmark since Lego”
Doubble will be your opportunity to change the trajectory of social networks
today’s social networks have solved boredom.
if done right, a close friend social network can solve loneliness, and Doubble will be a key piece of this close friend social network puzzle.

Who are we looking for?

🧑‍🎨a full stack developer who wants to build a truly great product

your key responsibilites as a full stack developer will include:
contributing to discussions on solutions to novel problems, expanding the collective brain power to the power of 2.
developing high quality maintainable backend software that embraces proper application of design patterns and code ingenuity to solve challenging problems
developing beautiful, effective, and user friendly software in a cross-platform native application environment, always applying a keen eye for visual detail, and with an innate drive to improve a rapidly growing code base
collaborating with the engineering team to apply increased observability, improve deployment workflows, and otherwise innovate on architecture and infrastructure

💻Our tech stack

Backend: NodeJS with Fastify-powered NestJS and Typescript, Rust (Tokio), Redis, BullMQ, OTel/Clickhouse/Grafana, Sentry, Cloudflare Workers, etc.
Frontend: Flutter with Riverpod/Freezed architecture, Fastlane / Github Actions for CI/CD, Crashlytics, Firebase messaging
Infrastructure: AWS Fargate managed through Pulumi IAC, CockroachDB cloud, Cloudflare, Github Actions
Database: CockroachDB (distributed horizontally sharded PostgreSQL database)

🏆Benefits & Perks

Competitive compensation
we hire the best and offer competitive compensation to match. Doubble want to build an impactful product and if you help us do this right, this should also be financially impactful for you.
small team, huge impact
each team member represents more than 50.000 users.
we work in-office
we believe effective communication is key to innovate and to build the best consumer experiences and these solutions are crafted in our beautiful office in Copenhagen.
we're all about shipping fast and iterating
you can expect your work to be in the hands of thousands of users quickly.
dinner is on us
plenty of snacks and coffee at the office
we have lunch together with a delicious meal plan and as we often end up working late, we also often eat dinner together. some of our best ideas have come about while taking a deserved break from our work
we celebrate together
our milestone roadmap includes a celebration for each. we believe that to build a fun product experience, we need to have fun in the process
talk is cheap so you should do more of it
we are all curious by nature which means discussions in our team often lead to key insights faster than if we shipped and waited for the results, so we encourage intellectually honest discussions. smart people and a white boards can do wonders.

🚀Apply here

⚙️Hiring process

After you’ve applied, expect the process to take 2-3 weeks. Then you either join us or we come back with feedback
1️⃣Intro coffee: lets get to know each other and get your questions answered
2️⃣Technical session: a test you can work on in your own time
3️⃣Technical interview: Feedback and talk about the test with Joachim (Head of Engineering)
4️⃣Let’s spend time together: its a tough decision to make a career move, so lets spend some time together in person. This is also an opportunity to meet others around the project: investors, talk to users and others you might want to meet