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Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Frontend engineer

Why are we building Doubble?

🍀Our vision is to create a pocket of togetherness in a crowded world

We represent a generation that spends the most time on social products that promised to connect us, but find ourselves competing for likes, followers and attention …
Despite having the most social products, our generation spends more time alone than ever:
Here’s the thing: The social products we use are not designed to create authentic experiences.
Doubble is reinventing the experience of connecting.
Our vision is to create a pocket of togetherness in a crowded world
Between the soloness of dating apps and the crowdedness of social media, we’re building a unique togetherness in our close friend social network.
Here you’re together with a handful of friends rather than being in front of hundreds of followers.
It’s about creating an experience together rather than competing in a popularity contest.
It’s about being authentic rather than crowd-pleasing in the hunt for the next like.
For more than 100.000 years we’ve been playing, meeting new people and experiencing together in close groups.
We want to take that togetherness into the social products we use.
Therefore, we’re on a mission to build a close friend social network
We’ve taken the first step with our double dating app: Doubble.

How does our product work?

🫂 You meet new people together with your friends rather than alone.

Doubble is a double dating app and what makes us unique is our social concept:
You add your friends
You match with someone
Your friend matches their friend
The four of you get a group chat together.

Where are we going?

🚀We’re growing fast.

We started in Denmark and our results seem to indicate we’re building something our generation needs:
35% of gen z dating users are on Doubble in Denmark
We’ve had 800 swipes per minute in 2023
Reached +100.000 users
We’re expanding internationally. What we did in Denmark, we just did 5x faster in Sweden.
We’re backed by talented investors who believe in our vision:
Everyday we’re getting messages from people asking us when they can use Doubble in their country. Therefore, we’re launching in new European markets the next months.

How do we work?

❤️We are a small but extremely dedicated team who will go above and beyond for each other and for our product.

We care about our users
How many social apps do you use where you can talk directly to the founders the same day?
We ship product and we do it fast.
First quarter this year we shipped more than 11 new features:
We’re impatient to change the world
The world is made by people not much smarter than you. Most people just accepts things the way they are, but you can bend the world to your will more than you think.
And when I say we, this is us:

💻Our stack

Backend: js (TypeScript), Redis, TypeORM, Firebase (for notifications)
Frontend: Flutter 3.3.4 with Riverpod for state management, Github Actions for automatic deployment, Crashalytics
Infrastructure: Kubernetes, ArgoCD
Database: Postgres (CockroachDB)

👨‍💻What you’ll bring:

1+ year of mobile development and 4+ years general professional coding experience.
Experience with Flutter is a plus, although willingness to learn is more important
You love building and are ready join a challenging and exciting journey with us

🏆Benefits in joining us

We’re a small team, but our impact is huge: Each team member represents more than 15.000 users
Competitive compensation and equity: we want you to have skin in the game like we do. If we succeed you will too.
we're all about shipping fast and iterating, so you can expect your work to be in the hands of thousands of users quickly.
Office-first (office on TalentGarden Christianshavn) with remote possibilities.
Fun! we prioritize the social aspects of work and celebrate the wins together

🎯Ready for a new chapter?

Two years ago, Doubble was just an idea, born out of a desire to create a more authentic experience of connecting in a way no social products we had ever tried could.
Today, we’re proud to have become an integral part of the lives of tens of thousands of young people in Scandinavia.
Now we’re looking to invite more talented people to unlock the global potential of Doubble.