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Senior Backend Engineer



Software Engineering
London, UK
Posted on Monday, July 8, 2024

About the Company:

We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to join our 15-month-old, rapidly growing, psychological AI startup to build robust AWS infrastructure solutions for the Boon Platform which tackle complex questions about human behaviour, and in doing so, tackle some of the most challenging issues of our time. You will be working closely and collaboratively with our Lead Engineer, Lead Data Scientist, Lead Front-End Developer, and Lead Behavioural Scientist.

About the Role:

Our focus is to use cutting edge data science and behavioural science techniques to answer complex questions about human behaviour. We work with non-profits, municipalities, strategy consultancies, and businesses to solve business and societal challenges. At our core, we’re a company founded on the premise that data can be used for social good, and we take on as many projects as possible aligned to that mission. We are an early stage startup and are looking for a senior engineer experienced in and with a desire to work across both platform engineering and backend feature development.

Once You Are Here, You Will:

  • Work on building out our core platform in AWS:
  • Design and deploy scalable AWS cloud architectures, adhering to best practices for security and scalability to support our data-driven applications.
  • Lead Infrastructure as Code (IaC) initiatives with Terraform.
  • Monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure performance, security, and costs, utilizing monitoring tools and logging frameworks (e.g., CloudWatch).
  • Enforce rigorous cloud security protocols, including managing IAM roles, implementing data encryption, fortifying network security.
  • Champion Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices, guiding the integration of these practices within the software development life cycle to enhance deployment efficiency and reliability.
  • Build out new features of our application:
  • Work directly with stakeholders to understand and refine product and technical requirements.
  • Write clean, maintainable Python / Typescript code for backend functionality, ensuring high standards of code quality and maintainability.
  • Be comfortable writing unit and integration tests for new features as appropriate.
  • Using a relational or no-sql databases to model and store application data.
  • Integrate with external APIs and Saas solutions using REST and GraphQL.

What Do We Offer You:

Boon is unique. It’s a place where you can solve complex, diverse challenges about human behaviour, have a societal impact, and work with thoughtful, collaborative people who are deeply passionate about their crafts. We were founded out of a passion for using data for social good, and for merging the art of psychology with the science of data. We encourage everyone who works with us to be themselves, to bring their most creative selves to the table, and we promise to respect the work-life balance, autonomy, and collaboration you need. Our founders have 25+ years of experience in computational behavioural science, disinformation, behavioural strategy, and content development across 3 continents. And whether it be in the military, ad agencies or the Hollywood studios, we are profound believers in the ability of a group of intelligent, collaborative people, to create something amazing.

For our Senior Backend Engineer, we offer:

• Flexible working with benefits to make flexible working truly work for you

• Sponsored trainings so you can continue to learn and grow

• Shaping purpose-driven insights and technological innovations, including climate-tech hackathons

• Working with companies who excel in their craft- whether it be superhero movies, luxury brands or sustainability organisations

• Crafting how companies think about human beings and how they measure behaviour

• To work with optimistic, open-minded people who value creativity, empathy, and a good laugh

Relevant Experience & Mindset:

• Minimum of 2+ years' experience in platform engineering or a related role, with a proven track record of designing and implementing scalable and reliable solutions.

• Proficiency in writing clean, robust, and scalable Python code for backend functionality.

• Bachelors in computer science, mathematics, engineering or related field.

• Deep expertise in cloud computing platforms such as AWS, with advanced knowledge of services like ECS, EKS, S3, VPC, Lambda, Networking, and IAM.

• Extensive experience with infrastructure as code tools (Terraform) and containerisation technologies (Docker, Kubernetes).

• Experience in building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines and observability tooling, alongside a strong understanding of DevOps practices and agile methodologies.

• Team player who is proactive and resilient.

• A passion for social good.

Boon’s Mission Statement:

We are an equal-opportunity employer. As an ethnically and cognitively diverse, female-founded team, diversity, inclusivity, and social impact are part of our DNA. We were founded with the commitment to using data and technology to drive positive societal change, and that is reflected in the clients we work with. We do not work with oil and gas companies, nor with political parties on political elections, and we evaluate every client project to ensure its outcome does not result in societal harm. We collaborate with non-profits and intend to leverage our most cutting-edge technology on for-good use cases.